The Complete Home Edge System is a dual process consisting of the Home Edge and the Premium Twin Under Sink Filter and Alkaliser.

  • The Home Edge uses the agitation principle to energise the water. Your water supply, passes through the device and over dozens of fixed agitator stators to release the water molecules that have become constricted during storage and treatment.
  • The Premium Under Sink Filter is comprised of 3 components
    • Polyspun Sediment filter removes foreign particles and eliminates organic contaminants
    • Carbon Chemical filter removes potentially harmful chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine, and removes heavy metals
    • Antioxidant Alkaliser increases the pH level and unpleasant odours

These two products working in unison will enhance the water making it healthy, vitalised and energised. Use it in cooking, making fresh smoothies, juices or just fresh from the tap.
Because the HWTA Water Energiser – Home Edge is connected to your water supply line, all your water outlets receive the energised water. Shower and bathe in unconstricted, natural water and feel the freshness.

And outside, your lawn, pets and garden will reap the benefits of the Home Edge device.

These products can also be used individually if you so desire, however HWTA recommends that they are both installed and used in conjunction to maximise the benefits to your family’s health.