How does the HOME EDGE system work?

The Edge System works just like rocks in a flowing stream, restoring water to its pristine, natural state.  In a stream water impacts against the rocks and its molecules are forced to shift around. This creates eddy currents that scatter the molecules. The molecules are then de-constructed leaving the water fresh and energised.

The Edge System operates in the same manner. Water impacts the edge stators causing the molecules to shift around, creating eddy currents that scatter the molecules and resulting in de-constructed and fresh, energised water.

energised water

Protecting and securing this beautiful planet’s clean water is so essential yet thus far the importance of this preservation has been misunderstood by many. The way we transport and store clean water leads to it becoming impure and sometimes even dangerous to consume.

All around the globe, government testing bodies are beginning to find many mysterious and dangerous toxins in their municipal water supply including pesticides, plastics, chlorine, pharmaceuticals and even estrogen.

We are fortunate in that there are guidelines in place across Australia to ensure your water is relatively safe, but is ‘relatively’ safe, safe enough?

Relatively safe is NOT safe enough, but you don’t have to drink it!

Healthy Water Technologies Australia’s energised water and filtration systems are designed to return this precious resource to its natural state: just the way nature intended.

Technical Specifications

HOME EDGE Revitaliser

Inlet pressure 750 kPa
Operating temperature range Min 10°c
Flow rate Min 0.05L/min – Max 24.75 L/min @ 500kPa

Alkaline Ionizer

Effluent water flow 1.0L/min
Working pressure 0.1 – 0.4 MPa
Water inflow PH value 6.8 – 7.2
Water inflow temperature range Min 2° C – Max 40° C
Dimensions 130mm x 360mm
Net weight 2.5kg
Water proof grade IPX1