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    • Replacement Filter UltraStream Water Alkaliser
    • Constructed from EPA approved polypropylene. No BPA.
    • All filtration media NSF approved.
    • Made in the USA under AlkaWay’s supervision.
    • The UltraStream filter uses the highest quality patented filter media plus exclusive O-Dobi alkalizing, ionizing and hydrogen producing media. It also supplies infused magnesium and calcium through the life of the filter, calculated and tested over 3600 litres.
    • A ‘new water ioniser with every filter change’. Complete ionizing system integrated within each filter
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    • Easy to use
    • Easy to install
    • Easy to install under sink
    It’s the first ever natural water ioniser filter proven to infuse massive amounts of beneficial hydrogen gas into your purified drinking water. In fact in normal daily use it’s been tested and shown to give 3 times more hydrogen than an electric water ioniser almost ten times the price! That’s 10,000 times the hydrogen gas in tap water. Proven over 4000 customers so far. It infuses magnesium into your water – something impossible for an electric system. Magnesium is best taken up in water rather than food. And forget about wasted water, diodes, solenoids, plates, titanium, and transformers. The Ultrastream has changed all the rules for the better.
    • Amazing alkalizing, ionizing and hydrogen capability.
    • 3 year warranty
    • Designed in Australia. Made in California, USA.
    UltraStreamonbench-350x500 ultrastream-undersink-skematic
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    Sediment filtration is a vital part of any water filtration process. A sediment filtration cartridge does just that, it removes the sediments from the water source you are trying to filter. At times preparing the water quality for the next stage in the process so that cartridge can perform at its best and last for as long as possible. Polyspun Sediment cartridges offer a simple means of filtration. They are made from spun bonded polypropylene, the manufacturing technique of these cartridges results in no centre core to the filter, thus not restricting the filter performance. The materials also provide a resilient barrier to bacterial/chemical influence – preventing any build of unwanted waste (e.g. algae). Sediment Cartridge Removes
    • Algae
    • Dirt
    • Particulate matter
    • Rust
    • Sand
    • Sediment
    • Silt
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    Solid carbon block cartridges are one of the most effective and widely used technologies in the point of use water treatment industry today. Solid carbon block cartridges, or simply carbon blocks, are used either as standalone treatment methods or in a system with other cartridge types. Carbon is a very versatile and highly effective water treatment medium. It has immense surface area. Approximately half a kilogram of carbon contains a surface area of over 50 hectares (0.5 square kilometers). It is the best known treatment for organic chemicals, volatile organic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and its by-products. It is also an unchallenged taste-and-odor improver. When arranged in solid carbon or extruded carbon block format, it also provides very high quality particulate filtration, in some cases down into the submicron level. Carbon Block Cartridge Removes
    • Chlorine
    • Algae
    • Chemicals
    • Dirt
    • Odour
    • Pesticides
    • Rust
    • Sediment
    • Unpleasant taste
  • The world’s best tasting & healthiest water on tap wherever you are. If you’re a person on the go, renting an apartment, caravanning or boating or simply can’t live without access to your favourite energised water where ever you may go then this is 
for you! The sleek and sexy Travel Edge is the latest must have for savvy and health conscious people as it supplies on demand filtered toxic and chemical neutralised and energised water anywhere at any time. Simply attach to any shower or tap and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the sweet taste and feel of safe energised water. From Ironbark Creek to Istanbul you’ll always have fresh, healthy energised water on tap. “Everybody should have the Ph Perfect energised water system in their home for better health.” Dr. Alan Hadley BM BS FACNEM The TRAVELedge System is a small convenient device that includes the Energiser and optional filter you can take anywhere. For 99.999% protection we recommend the TRAVELedge and filter combination. Uses could include:
    • International travel especially when the local supply is suspect
    • Caravan and camping
    • Anywhere you need healthy energised/structured water for drinking and showering.
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  • The HWTA Water Energiser  - Home Edge effortlessly delivers soft, natural, living, highly energised water to every tap in your home. Energised water is now being widely recognised as the holy grail of water solutions and the Home Edge uses advanced technologies and quantum physics to give you endless supplies of delicious tasting, energised, natural water. The Home Edge from HWTA is a revolutionary 'whole home solution', providing your family with the softest, healthiest water to your kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, fridge, toilets and wet bars. The Home Edge is a maintenance free, toxic neutralisation and energisation technology. It does not require costly filter replacements. Scientific research demonstrates that energised water (technically H3O2) facilitates increased health and wellbeing. Energised water is increasingly regarded for its health giving properties and has been widely reported to help neutralise toxins in the body, facilitate more rapid hydration and neutralise fluoride and chlorine deposits that are inherent in most supplied water systems. In terms of hygiene and maintenance, the Home Edge helps eliminate calcium and aragonite deposits in household pipes thus prolonging the life of household plumbing, whilst at the same time delivering higher plumbing hygiene. One example is the elimination of shower scum build-up. But best of all, the Home Edge will give you an endless supply of healthy, living, energised water. It's what nature intended. Download Brochure Here
  • The Commercial Edge is specially designed for use in swimming pools, spas, for your market garden and for commercial crop irrigation.  It is the BIG solution for commercial and outdoor use. For your pool
    • Now you can swim in almost completely chemical free water as the Commercial Edge reduces  the need for expensive chlorine, salt or any other harmful chemicals.  Our device energetically neutralises toxins and creates softer, energised and structured water for the benefit and enjoyment of your entire family.
    Market Garden
    • Vegetables never tasted better and flowers never bloomed brighter than after the water that hydrates them has passed through the Commercial Edge creating smaller and easily hydrating water molecules.
    • Not only do you get the benefit of creating water that your plants can absorb quickly and more readily but you can also save as much as 30% on your water usage.
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  • Philmac ECN 3G Metric 25x3/4" MI BSP Home Edge to poly pipe attachments (2 required per installation) Refer to the installation instructions included with your Home Edge
  • Home Edge to copper pipe attachments (2 required per installation) Refer to the installation instructions included with your Home Edge
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