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As you well know, Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth, the greater part of which is desert or semi-arid.  Living in this harsh ‘brown land’ it’s little wonder that we are so passionate about precious clean water and its quality, healthiness and sustainability.

Healthy Water Technologies Australia are firmly committed to providing increasing accessibility to delicious, clean, healthy water via our revolutionary range of energising health and filtration products. We hope for a future where everyone has access to energised water, no matter who they are or where they may be.

We are at the forefront of new scientific research and development of products that provide the very best quality energised water for taste, health, hydration, irrigation and bathing. Rigorous testing and quality control methods ensure that only the highest performing, environmentally-conscious products are selected by Healthy Water Technologies Australia for ongoing manufacture and distribution.

We proudly stand behind every one of the life-enhancing healthy water systems we supply and are delighted to provide the very best sales and service to our customers and trade partners alike.

Energised water enhances every single living thing; this includes you and your family as well as animal and plant life!

Our Vision

We believe it is the responsibility of everyone’s social conscience to contribute and nurture the knowledge, understanding and importance of energised water to the environment and mankind for the benefit of future generations.

Our Mission Statement

It’s our mission to provide energised water that supports and sustains health and wellbeing to all living things in nature; and to nurture and meet the needs of the entire global community in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Our Logo

Our logo highlights our passion. The beautiful and unique platypus benefits directly from the healthy water it swims in, raises a family in and takes its food from. Water is its lifeblood, as it’s ours.

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