Energised water is when the atomic molecular structure has changed using appropriate products and methods that  energise water. When you pass standard H2O, which consists of  2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, through a water structuring device you change the molecular structure of the water passing through the device to H3O2, which has a structure of 3 hydrogen atoms and 2 oxygen atoms.


Schauberger studied water in nature. His fundamental conclusion was that turbulent water, or water that passes through vortexes has different properties to ordinary ‘still’ water.

It has been called many things, including ‘living water’, energised water’, grander water… but its properties are fundamentally the same.

Energised water is easier for our bodies to absorb and utilise. It improves hydration, health and helps maintain homeostatis within our body.

Most people filter their water to improve the taste. Using the water-energising device makes the water in the whole house healthier. Some people still like to add the extra stage of filtering their drinking water and improving the pH levels.

A BIG problem for all water filters is dissolved calcium, so common in water supplies all over the world. In the case of electronic water filter/ionizers, it’s a serious problem as the electrolysis process causes the calcium to drop out of its dissolved state and become ‘sticky’. clinging to everything, including the internals of the unit. Calcium always reduces the effective life of any filter as it coats the surfaces of the filtration and alkalizing media. HomeEdge converts dissolved calcium (CaCO3) to a different form of calcium known as Aragonite.

aragoniteAragonite is not a ‘sticky’ calcium and therefore does not accrete on surfaces. In fact using HOMEedge we have found that calcium already accumulated on places like shower screens slowly dissolve, remaining clean and clear. The results showed it reduces chlorine and 29% of fluoride. It does not remove the contaminants that the UltraStream is designed to remove, so used with the UltraStream we achieve our goals of energised water, pure water, alkaline water and hydrogen rich water. and it’s still thousands of dollars less than electric systems that give far less performance.

What you will notice is the texture and feel on your skin and the quality of your drinking water. The ability to absorb the water you are drinking may also be noticeable.

A water molecule with a hexagon shape, made up of 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom (H2O). Science is beginning to show that there are many types of water, structured water being one of the healthiest.


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