What happens to water that is supplied to your home?

Unfortunately mankind has completely misunderstood the importance of protecting and securing the quality of this planets water.  The way it is transported and the way it is constantly being added to for the purposes of cleaning what should not be dirty has made the second most important life giving substance on earth, next to air, impure and sometimes even dangerous to consume.

After the water has flowed down the rivers and streams from the catchment area to enter the storage dam, it sits idle. During its journey, water can collect contaminates which bind to the molecules. The quality of the water has degraded.

This water is then subjected to treatment which introduces chemicals and it becomes in effect stale. There is a growing belief in the community that some of these chemicals are not necessarily the best interests of your health. Some of these include:

  • Calcium hydroxide (Hydrated Lime) (Ca(OH)2)
  • Hydrated Aluminium Sulphate (Alum) (Al2(SO4)3
  • Polyelectrolyte
  • Sodium Hypochlorite (Liquid Chlorine) (NaOCl)
  • Fluoride (F)
  • Copper

Some of these agents are necessary to transport the water in the pipes (eg: Calcium hydroxide) so there is no need for them after it’s delivered.

There is of course an unknown factor that is currently starting to be introduced into the testing paradigms in other parts of the world. Government testing bodies are starting to find all sorts of mysterious toxins in their municipal water supply.  In the United states 75% of the tested air & rain water supply found traces of the commonly used pesticide ‘Round Up’.  In Japan the major concern for the quality of their water is Estrogen..  If you Google ‘Fracking and CSG mining’s effect on the region of operations water supply you would have to question the sanity of the concept all together. The difficulty that many government water management authorities are facing is that the current water testing paradigms aren’t geared to test for the many other man made ‘introductions’ to our water. These ‘introductions’ include and not limited to all of the things we consume from plastics to pharmaceuticals.

Just one report Steroid_hormones_EI

However, is this a problem for our health?

There are controls over the supply of water to your home. With various agencies responsible for the delivery of water operating under certain guidelines to ensure your water is relatively safe. However, is it in the best state to hydrate your body, promote health and be consumed by your family? Many believe it is not.

Fluoride – 1.0 ppm in NSW.

It’s a fact! In the US recently, the recommended amount of fluoride in supplied water was decreased to 0.7 ppm to prevent fluorosis. Fluorosis is a condition, which relates to the appearance of tooth enamel due to long term ingestion during tooth development.

The benefits and dangers of mass fluoridation are much argued. We believe that you, as the consumer should be able to choose if you want to ingest fluoride or subject your family to it. There are documented cases where excess fluoride is detrimental to your health and also cases where too much has been added.

Further, the fluoride added to most water supplies is not the naturally occurring variety but rather fluorosilicic acid, which is captured in air pollution control devices of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

“This captured fluoride acid is the most contaminated chemical added to public water supplies, and may impose additional risks to those presented by natural fluorides. These risks include a possible cancer hazard from the acid’s elevated arsenic content, and a possible neurotoxic hazard from the acid’s ability–under some conditions–to increase the erosion of lead from old pipes.”

Children are receiving large amounts of fluoride from multiple sources, including not only drinking water but also fluoride toothpaste, processed beverages/foods, fluoride pesticides, tea, non-stick pans and some fluorinated drugs. So not only do we need to address the issue of water fluoridation, but how this exposure is magnified by other sources of fluoride that are now common.


Chlorine – the hidden poison. Chlorine is used as anti bacterial agent in tap water. It kills microbes that carry diseases like cholera, dysentery and typhoid. Its job is done by the time it gets to your house so it’s a good idea to neutralise it before you put the glass under the tap.

Chlorinated water destroys much of the intestinal flora and friendly bacteria in your stomach that helps with digestion and protects the body from harmful pathogens.

Recent studies performed on chlorinated water revealed that regular intake of tap water with high levels of chlorine has been linked with several forms of cancer, mainly bladder and colon cancer.

One of the little known facts is that when you have a hot shower the Chlorine in the water turns into gas and can become many times more toxic than drinking it.

Question ! If chlorinating the municipal water supply is designed to kill ALL bacteria, does that mean ALL bacteria is bad? Wrong, It’s not. The body needs certain bacteria to assist the proper function of the auto-immune system.


Bad Clusters – The molecular structure of the water has become constricted when treated and stored its ability to be absorbed by the human body is impeded.

What can be done to return water to its natural state, the way nature intended?

This is where Healthy Water Technologies Australia’s energised water and filtration system is the answer.