HWTA Water Energiser – Home Edge

//HWTA Water Energiser – Home Edge
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HWTA Water Energiser – Home Edge

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The HWTA Water Energiser  – Home Edge effortlessly delivers soft, natural, living, highly energised water to every tap in your home.

Energised water is now being widely recognised as the holy grail of water solutions and the Home Edge uses advanced technologies and quantum physics to give you endless supplies of delicious tasting, energised, natural water.

The Home Edge from HWTA is a revolutionary ‘whole home solution’, providing your family with the softest, healthiest water to your kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, fridge, toilets and wet bars.

The Home Edge is a maintenance free, toxic neutralisation and energisation technology. It does not require costly filter replacements.

Scientific research demonstrates that energised water (technically H3O2) facilitates increased health and wellbeing. Energised water is increasingly regarded for its health giving properties and has been widely reported to help neutralise toxins in the body, facilitate more rapid hydration and neutralise fluoride and chlorine deposits that are inherent in most supplied water systems.

In terms of hygiene and maintenance, the Home Edge helps eliminate calcium and aragonite deposits in household pipes thus prolonging the life of household plumbing, whilst at the same time delivering higher plumbing hygiene. One example is the elimination of shower scum build-up.

But best of all, the Home Edge will give you an endless supply of healthy, living, energised water. It’s what nature intended.

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Product Description

Model  Home Edge Kinetic Water Energiser
Dimensions  80mm x 280mm
Operating Temperature  Min 5°C; Max 35°C
Inlet Pressure  Max 750kPa
Pipe Adaptor Specs  3/4″ BSPT Tapered thread
Flow Rate  Max 24.75L/min @ 500kPa


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