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Templeman and Hames agree on cash for containers scheme

WA container deposit scheme: Consumers to get 10c for bottles, cans in recycling push

Townsville city council changes hosing times after level three water restrictions enforced

Kids save millions of litres

Eco-Hypocrites Need To Wake Up And Smell The Organic Coffee

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Love Your Garden: Thrifty ways to nifty creation

Healthy soil the ultimate water management tool

Queensland trial to produce bio fuel from seeds grown using treated sewage

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SMS module for UV water purification systems

Tiny Stanford invention purifies water in minutes using the sun

Water Beads Are Completely Invisible When Submerged

UniSuper reinforces investment in Prospect Water Filtration

Monarto residents’ water woes over

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BEST way to keep safe on the water

Warnings to keep distance from dolphins in Brisbane Water

5 filthy things you never knew were riddled with germs

Warning over split hot water bottle

10-year-old killed in America is the tip of the iceberg

Refillable water bottles could be as dirty as pet toys, website claims

Still not safe in the water

Defence pays for Oakey toxin test

Erin Brockovich warns about potential cases of chemical contamination in Australian water supply

Fears ‘world’s worst aquatic weed’ sold on Facebook could infest the Kimberley

TasWater have said that the discoloured water is safe for consumption

Water leaves bad taste for tourists

Rain causes dam cracks in region


Mass gastro outbreak wreaks havoc in New Zealand town


Damning Evidence Of Neglect At Mountain Dump – FOI Reveals


Albury engineer helps drought-affected PNG schools

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10 best natural swimming pools in the world

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Young Entrepreneurs Trial Shower Van

Ducklings saved from water drain in cutest rescue ever

Nature blooms as the Murray’s cup runneth over

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Five Things We Learned On An All-Soylent Diet

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