‘Water distribution’ is the only way of making sure that not only an adequate amount of water  but  its transported elements – hormones, chemical messengers and nutrients first reach the more vital organs. In turn, every organ that produces a substance  to  be  made  available  to  the  rest  of  the  body  will  only monitor its own rate and standards of production  and release into the flowing water according to constantly changing quotas that are set by the  brain.  Once  the  water  itself  reaches  the  ‘drier’  areas,  it  also exercises its many other most vital and missing physical and chemical regulatory actions.

Within this view, water intake and its priority distribution achieve paramount importance. The regulating neurotransmitter systems (histamine and its subordinate agents) become increasingly active during the regulation of water requirements of the body. Their action should not be continuously blocked by the use of medication. Their purpose should be understood and satisfied by drinking more water. I have made exactly the same statements to a body of scientists that had gathered from all over the world in Monte Carlo in 1989 for a conference on the topic of inflammation, analgesics and immune modulators.

The new   paradigm   permits   an   incorporation   of   the   ‘fourth dimension of time’ into scientific  research  [consistency].  It will facilitate an understanding of the damaging effect of an establishing dehydration that persists and continues to increase during any duration of time. It will make it possible to forecast the physiological events that will lead to disease states in the future, including what at present appear as genetic disorders. It will transform the present ‘shot in the dark, symptom-based’ approach to the practice of medicine into a scientifically accurate medical art; it will make preventive forecasting possible. It will establish excellent health and reduce healthcare costs to individuals and to any society that fosters its spread.

However, since water shortage in different areas of the body will manifest varying  symptoms,  signals and  complications  now  labelled as diseases, as soon as water is offered as a natural solution, people may think this could not be so! Water cures so many diseases?  Yes it does.